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Biblical Youth Work Book

Biblical Youth WorkBiblical Youth Work, by Jim Krohn, is a dramatic departure from the common, everyday youth books. It presents not just an individual’s personal youth program, but a complete philosophy of ministry that is drawn completely from the Bible. Using hundreds of scripture verses it contains a depth that is not found in other books on youth and yet it is an accessible book that is always careful to apply Scriptural teaching in a practical way. Difficult things need to be said about youth ministry today and this book does not pull any punches! All of this is delivered with a touch of humor in a style that is very easy to read. Written over the course of a decade with the blood, sweat, and tears of sixteen years as a youth pastor, this is a book that is invaluable to any teen worker or parent. (354 pages, soft cover)

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To order send check or money order for $12.95 USD for each book
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Jim Krohn
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Book Recommendations

Dennis Corle

"In this hour when there is a dearth of good, solid fundamental material on youth work, Jim Krohn has put together an excellent manuscript with an abundance of helpful information in his book titled, Biblical Youth Work. I would encourage anyone involved in youth work to secure a copy and glean all they can from the contents."

Dr. Dennis Corle – Editor / Publisher Revival Fires!

Paul Kingsbury

"Biblical Youth Work is a MUST READ for parents, pastors, teachers, even teenagers! Anyone who has a heart for young people needs to digest this well thought out manual for capturing the next generation for Christ. This lengthy volume is both principled and practical in content. Your philosophy and practices in teen ministry may be challenged by Pastor Krohn's logical and scriptural approach."

Dr. Paul Kingsbury
Pastor, North Love Baptist Church
and Chairman of Reformers Unanimous International

Evangelist Kevin Walker

"I know the author. I have worked with him in his camps and with his youth group. I believe every youth worker should read this book. It will help you build the proper foundation for your youth group. It will improve your relationship with your pastor and the parents of the teens. It will teach you how to love your teenagers into being strong, separated Christians. There is no doubt that you will learn how to build a model youth group with the principles taught in this book."

Evangelist Kevin Walker

Zackary Dressner

"Only a man who has been engaged in the hot spots of battle, standing on the frontlines of Christianity, could capsulate so much truth into one practical volume.  It is not the average theological book full of abstractions. Biblical Youth Work presents a comprehensive and Biblical philosophy of discipleship along with nuts and bolts that will make any spiritual man's youth ministry a success. Having been touched by the author's ministry personally, I can testify that his approach WORKS where so many other modern methods FAIL. It is not a book that could improve the youth program of your church; it is a book that could revolutionize the church of God in America today."

Zackary Dressner – Pastor, Southeast Bible Baptist

Phil Huber

"I couldn't agree more with Pastor Krohn’s Book on youth work. This book addresses more than just the standard "this is the way we did it" philosophy. I found the book entertaining and enlightening. I will use it when training my young men for the ministry. I know that this book will be a help and could possibly make the difference between you having a "job" as a youth pastor, and you having a ministry that affects and changes the lives of young people."

Phil Huber – Pastor, Walker Bible Baptist Church

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